About us

Prutul is one of the main producers of vegetable oil and also one of the most important players in the agribusiness industry in Romania.

The company owns the Prutul Oil Factory in Galați and 16 storage capacities for cereals and oilseeds in 7 of the counties with the highest agricultural potential in our country, Prutul having one of the largest total storage capacity in Romania.

Prutul is a Romanian privately owned company, with 460 employees in its two divisions, Vegetable Oil and Agribusiness.

Integrated business

Prutul is a company with an integrated business model, which involves:

  • Oilseed processing, refining, bottling and marketing of vegetable oil
  • Distribution of agricultural inputs to farmers
  • Purchase and sale of all types of cereals and oilseeds
  • Storage of cereals and oilseeds in its own network of silos and bases

Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision is to be a leader in the vegetable oil and agribusiness industry in Romania, as a producer, partner and employer, through the quality of products and services we offer and our organizational values.

Combining tradition with innovation, our Mission is to be one of the leading producers and exporters of vegetable oil in Romania and in the Black Sea region.

At the same time, we aim to be a reliable partner for farmers through the quality of the products and services we offer every year.

We want to act with respect towards the environment, which is the framework and source of feedstock of our work.

Competitive policy

The commitment
To the General Manager concerning
Competition policy

The pro-competitive mission of S.C. PRUTUL S.A. it is based on the fundamental premise of competition law that competition produces the best products and services at the lowest prices, encourages efficiency and innovation, and strengthens the economy as a whole. Restrictions on competition affect all parties involved, from consumers to employees.

My focus is to ensure that we act correctly in a market that operates on a competitive basis by removing unreasonable restrictions and preventing anti-competitive behavior.

PRUTUL S.A. has a strict compliance policy with competition law, because we believe in fair competition in the market and behave as such. We do not tolerate violations of this legislation by our employees, business partners or competitors.

Our company has a pro-competitive policy and will monitor the competition compliance program, our employees are already and will be regularly trained to strictly comply with this policy. At the same time, we expect our business partners to share and honor our commitment to integrity and compliance with competition law.

Our company promotes free and open competition in the market. Employees must not misappropriate or use confidential information of competitors or make false statements about their conduct or business practices. Agreements with competitors, other than those expressly permitted by law, are prohibited per se, in the sense that they cannot be justified in any way, regardless of the intentions of the parties.

Our company will not tolerate anti-competitive practices in any way because we want to compete in a healthy market, through price, quality and services.

Our conduct is based unilaterally on our own business judgments. Any contact with competitors, customers or suppliers, which in any form implies the existence of an illegal agreement, is and will be strictly avoided.

General Manager