ISCC-EU Certified Company

Prutul has ISCC-EU Sustainability Certificates for grain trading and vegetable oil production activities, granted by SGS Germany, in accordance with the requirements of RED (Directive 2009/28/EC) on the promotion of the use of renewable energy.

Sustainability or sustainable development is a concept that promotes the development of society in a responsible way, without depleting available resources and without destroying the environment, so as not to compromise the possibilities of meeting the needs of future generations. The World Conference on the Environment in Rio de Janeiro (since 1992) paid particular attention to this concept, which involves balancing economic growth and environmental protection and finding alternative resources.

“ISCC” is a globally applicable certification system that differentiates between sustainable and unsustainable products, including greenhouse gas emissions, at different stages of the value chain. In order to qualify for this certification scheme, the bio liquids and biofuels produced must ensure a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of at least 35%.

The legally registered ISCC Association is the body responsible for the ISCC system. All those involved in the production, processing and use of sustainable biomass can join this association.

Sustainability certificates shall be issued by independent certification bodies upon successful completion of audits. Certificates are documents confirming that the owner of the certificate complies with the requirements of red (Directive 2009/28/EC).

In order to take part in the ISCC certification system, it is mandatory to meet 3 categories of criteria:

  • Sustainability criteria for cultivation
    and biomass production
  • Requirements for reducing gas emissions
    greenhouse pool and calculation methodology
  • Requirements for traceability and mass balance,
    to provide thorough evidence of the origin of the

ISCC-EU Sustainability Certification

Since 2012, Prutul has held the ISCC-EU Sustainability Certificate, issued by SGS Germany, for vegetable oil production activity.

An ISCC certificate issued to a refining plant ensures that the plant meets all the requirements for sustainable crop processing. A refining plant cannot produce or sell biomass as sustainable biomass unless it purchases sustainably produced and certified raw materials.

Vegetable Oil Production Certificate

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ISCC-EU Sustainability Certification

Since 2012, Prutul has held the ISCC-EU Sustainability Certificate, issued by SGS Germany, for cereals and oilseed trading.

Such a certificate for trading activity proves the sustainability of the purchased biomass production, i.e. that it comes from plantations that comply with the principles of sustainability:

  • protecting high-value areas in terms of biodiversity
  • protecting areas with high carbon stocks
  • protecting peatwork
  • sustainable management of the agricultural holding

With the fulfilment of sustainability conditions, products in the categories: wheat, rape, sunflower, maize and soybeans can be declared as sustainable.

Trading cereals Certificate

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